Social Media Post Prices

Social Media Posts

Do you want something posted on our Social media pages?

If yes, below are the prices we charge for the various Social media platforms we operate on to our hundreds of thousands followers.

NOTE:- Upon payment confirmation, you will have to supply us with your post materials which is Image/Video and the Caption to use,


– Twitter Post = N35,000/post

– Facebook Post = N35,000/post

– Instagram Post = N50,000/post

– Instagram Story = N30,000/post

– Whatsapp TV Post = N10,000/post

– Telegram Post = N20,000/post

– Youtube Post = N100,000/post

Sticking/Pinning Of Sponsored Post On Homepage

Do you want your post to enjoy maximum visibility/exposure on our website so the conversion can be very high?

If Yes, then you should consider activating this package for your Sponsored Post.

NOTE:- Your post must have been published on Lashibeauty before you can activate this package.

How this package works

After paying to have your Post on our website, your post will go down or away from our Homepage (where the Traffic is always very huge) once we start posting new Post/Contents.

We always advise our clients to activate this package for their Sponsored Post so it can keep it on the Homepage for long so the post can enjoy huge visibility & traffic and that means HIGHER CONVERSION as more eyes will get to see it.

We can get your Post published on our website and also share it across all our Social media pages so that Nigerians and everyone around the World can get to read about it.

Your post will be highly visible on Search engines because we have a very strong SEO that will help you a lot.


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